R-Gen specialises in working on those projects, both in terms of scale and complexity, that other developers may have walked away from.

The R-Gen team work with landowners and existing project owners to re-develop wind farms that are coming to the end of their life. R-Gen has been set up to evaluate new opportunities in an efficient and focussed manner, enabling our prospective partner to have an early indication of the kind of re-development that we think is possible. We recognise that each project is different and can tailor our approach to work with our partner, be it a landowner and/or project owner, to maximise the benefit of the re-development.

The relationship between the R-Gen management team and our prospective partner is fundamental to the success of any re-development. The team members have a demonstrable track record of building those types of enduring relationships and have signed over 150 agreements with landowners across Scotland, North West England and South West England in the past 10 years. As we evaluate new opportunities, those fundamentals of ‘partner relationship’ form the basis of our approach.

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